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Integrated Electronics & Circuit

Rajeev Kumar Pandey

 PhD Student, EECS IGP Program
Adviser: Prof. Paul C.-P Chao (Electrical and Control Engineering Department)
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National Chiao Tung University Hsinchu Taiwan

About Me

I am Rajeev Pandey, Welcome to my home Page. I work in the area of analog & mixed-signal circuit design. Currently I am Pursuing my PhD in IC Design From National Yang-Ming Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu Taiwan.  Beside this I was a Summer Analog Design intern at MediaTek (2020). 
I have done my Master of technology in Integrated Electronics and Circuits from Department of Electrical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD).   I did my B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Uttar Pradesh Technical University.


  • Analog and Mixed Signal Circuit Design
  • Digital Design- Verilog, Physical Design
Current Research: I am working, to design an on-chip adaptive automatic control PPG readout system for the OLED-OPD flexible patch sensor which is highly focused to minimize the effect of motion artifact as well as skin & tissue orientation impact.

My Most Recent IC Tape-outs and Research Demos:

Research 2017 onward:
  • A 0.5V Driven Ultra low power Analog front End for the OLED-OPD PPG sensing Patch.
  • Current Research Outcome :  (1) Long time continuous PPG in resting. (2) Strategy to tolerate temperature variation has been developed (4) Unidirectional Fully flexible OLED-OPD PPG sensing array patch has been developed to minimize the motion artifact and mispositioning. (5)Time interleaving is used to estimate the correct position. etc.
  • Challenge:  Flexible patch helps to minimize the motion artifact, but not completely. During cycling and running still, it is a great challenge. 
Publications 2017 onward:
  • Design and implementation of a photoplethysmo graphy acquisition system with an optimized artificial neural network for accurate blood pressure measurement.  Microsyst Technol (2021). 
  • Design and implementation of a new light to digital converter for the PPG sensor, Microsystem Technologies, 2021. 
  • External temperature sensor assisted a new low power photoplethysmography readout system for accurate measurement of the bio-signs. Microsyst Technol (2020). 
  • Achieving High Sensing in 0.5nA for the Driving Pixel Currents in AMOLEDs with Settling Time of 7µs by a New External Current Sensing Circuit , Micro system Technology Springer 2020
  • Optimizing a Novel PPG Sensor Patch via Optical Simulations towards Accurate Heart Rates, Micro system Technology Springer 2020
  • A Fast-Digital Chip for Estimating Blood Pressure Using a Non-Invasive, Cuffless PPG Sensor,” Microsystem Technologies, accepted 2020.
  • An Efficient Energy Harvesting Circuit for Batteryless IoT Devices” Microsystem technology springer, 2019
  • A Low-Power Reference-Less Clock/Data Recovery for Visible Light Communication Devices Requiring Low Data Throughput” Microsystem technology springer, 2019
  • Rajeev Kumar Pandey, Paul C.-P Chao “An Adaptive Analog Front End for a Flexible PPG Sensor Patch with Self-Determined Motion Related DC Drift Removal” IEEE ISCAS 2021.
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